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CRUMPE, Miss M. G. T.. Geraldine of Desmond (1829)

Anecdotal Records

Letter from Maria Edgeworth to Frances Edgeworth.
30 Apr 1831.
And here are three authoress’s books [528/529] lying unread on the table before me and letters of thanks that must be penned—Mrs S. C. Hall superb silk and morocco copy of Old and new Irish sketches the 2d volume dedicated to Miss E with warmest sentiments &c Next a novel in 3 volumes Abroad & at Home (which by the by was the title of the first sketch of Belinda). This Abroad & at Home is by Mrs. Eaton née Waldy v Rome in the 19th Cent—[…] Then there is Geraldine Desmond—time of Elizabeth—3 volumes and long preface and Miss E in it—and very learned notes which tho uncut I can see are long and learned—and it is a book of great pretension by Miss Crumpe who sent it me with a note and a card and it was impossible not to return her visit. […] [Edgeworth describes a visit from Miss Crumpe and her mother.] [p. 533] Miss Crumpe talked and talked—on admiration—of me and of herself—and a nervous fever she had had pending the fate and reviews of her novel and then all the 16 reviews there had been of it and how she could feel or remember much about them I could not from any nature or experience of my own conceive.
Source: Maria Edgeworth: Letters from England 1813–1844, ed. by Christina Colvin (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1971), pp. 528–33.
Notes: Frances Anne Edgeworth (1769–1865) was Maria’s stepmother, fourth wife to Richard Lovell Edgeworth. This letter was written over several days, and the date given is the day on which it was begun. For S. C. Hall’s two series of Sketches of Irish Character, see EN2 1829: 43 and EN3 1831: 35. For C. A. Eaton’s At Home and Abroad, see EN3 1831: 25.

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