British Fiction, 18001829

BANIM, Michael. Croppy, The (1828)

Anecdotal Records

Letter from Gerald Griffin to John Banim.
22 Apr 1828.
I have seen, during the last few weeks, an announcement of a new work, from the author of the O’Hara Tales,—‘The Croppy,’ the action of which is fixed at a period of strong interest—a period worthy of being celebrated by a writer, who is not afraid to encounter a stern and tumultuous subject. I am not familiar with the history of those times, but I remember hearing […] of the burning of a barn—in Wexford, I think—which would have supplied the subject of a forcible episode. But you felt no want of materials for such a work, neither did this circumstance, now I remember, reflect much honour on the insurgents.
Source: Patrick Joseph Murray, The Life of John Banim (London: William Lay, 1857), p. 200.
Notes: The letter goes on to thank Banim for his comments about Tales of the Munster Festivals (EN2 1827: 35).

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