Title details for Red Barn, The:

Year: 1828.
Author(s): Robert HUISH? or William MAGINN
Gender: Male.
Publication: London: Printed for Knight and Lacey, 55, Paternoster Row, and sold by all Booksellers, 1828.
Format: 1 vol. (vi, 716p, ill.). 8°.
Cat. nos: BL 1509/24; NSTC 2H35895; EN2 1828: 53; OCLC 18174194.
Notes: BLPC attributes this copy to Robert Huish, and another (C.140.c.25) to William Maginn. Sadleir (Item 1521), notes that 'Halkett & Laing attribute the work to William Maginn on the strength of a paragraph by Charles Welch, published in The Library Journal, vol. v, p. 88, March 1880', adding that Welch's identification cannot be disregarded, even though DNB and several other bibliographers make no mention of it. Folding facsimile letter between pages 612 and 613; pp. [617]716 contain 'Trial of William Corder, for the Murder of Maria Marten' plus other supplementary material. Collates in fours.
Further edns: 1831 (NSTC).
DBF record no: 1828A052.

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