Title details for Destiny:

Year: 1804.
Author(s): Eliza Frances ROBERTSON 
Gender: Female.
Publication: London: Printed by William Burton, 82, Fetter Lane. Sold by Mr. Ryan, near Pantheon, Oxford Street; and may also be had of the principal Booksellers in the United Kingdoms; and at all the Circulating Libraries, n.d. [1804?].
Format: 2 vols (I 176p; II 174p). 12°.
Cat. nos: BL N.1898; EN2 1804: 58; NSTC D947; xOCLC.
Notes: Recto following t.p. reads: 'CARD. The Author presents most respectful Thanks to those Ladies and Gentlemen who did her the Honor of subscribing for this Work; but being few in number, and some, from a Wish to conceal their Benevolence, having forbid their Names to appear, a List of Subscribers is omitted.' Eliza Robertson was imprisoned for debt, and died in the Fleet Prison (Jackson). Collates in sixes. ECB 496 lists 2nd edn 1804. ER listing of New Publications for Oct 1803 points to possible 1803 (or earlier) publication of 1st edn; BLPC dates as [c. 1810].
Further edns: 2nd edn 1804 as Destiny: or, family occurrences of the House of Derwentwater; an interesting narrative, including the life of the author (CorveyŚwith 'Miss Robertson, Late of Blackheath' and date as '1804' on t.p., and a Preface (in verse) dated and signed 'Fleet, Jan. 1, 1804. E. R.'), CME 3-628-48652-1.
DBF record no: 1804A060.

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